Youth For The Future

Uniting the
voices of the youth

Vote for your future

How would you decide, if you could change the future of this planet?

We enable young people to vote on political decisions to show senior leaders, wheather they are voting in the best interest of the next generation.

Vote for your future

Vision & Mission

We envision for a world, where political decisions are made solely in the interest of future genereations.

We truly believe this way to be in the best long-term intest of humanity.

Therefore, we are uniting the voices of the youth on this earth to make them heard by decision makers worldwide.

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About YFTF

We are Youth For The Future – a youth-run organisation dedicated to changing the direcotry of our world for the better.

We collaborae across the world to unite the youth on this planet behind our goal of a sustainable future.



United worldwide!

Youth For The Future was started by young visionaries in Germany. From there it spread across the platet to change the way political decisions are made.

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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


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